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Peaceful Escape

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        Benefits of Offering Corporate Chair                                          Massage:

  • The return on your investment is seen instantly.
  • An in office massage will help relieve tension.
  • Institutes a calm, peaceful, and productive working environment.
  • Rejuvenated employee’s finish projects ahead of schedule.
  • Work satisfaction increase.
  • Wellness Incentive.
  • Compliments Wellness program
  • Reduces stress.

Want to create a Peaceful Escape of relaxation in the midst of your busy office environment? 

Corporate Chair Massage Rates:

      Your company can use chair massage at corporate events, sales promotion events, rewards programs, sporting events, or on a weekly/monthly basis for your employees.

Pricing is based on your individual needs.

Base Charge:

  • up to 75 mins at site: $95
  • Two to three hours  at site: $280
  • Three to five hours at site: $525

Employees must sign-in to receive a 7 minute chair massage. Corporation will be invoiced 24 hours prior to event. 

**Ask about wellness program special offers**